Winter Snacks @ T bar

Last week, I found myself in the city centre at around 3:30pm – also know as ‘when Louis needs an afternoon coffee’ – without a clue where to get my afternoon pick-me-up. After wondering (and wandering, for that matter) where to go for about 10 minutes, I realised the answer was in front of me the whole time, T bar!

Despite having visited the Central Plaza food court dozens of times over the years, it’s only recently that I’ve taken to getting my coffee from there.

I ended up choosing a latte, accompanied with a choc-chip muffin (it was Friday, if that helps justify the latter).  Regardless of indulgent food decisions, I was pleased with both choices, especially as the muffin was warmed up in light of it being winter.

The muffin was light and fluffy in texture, and the melted chocolate pieces made it all the more enjoyable on a cold afternoon. Meanwhile, the latte had the distinct coffee you want, without being overly bitter.

Overall, I’d highly recommend visiting T bar to anyone who finds themselves in the city looking for somewhere to go. If you’re still undecided, another bonus is because of the reserved seating for their customers only, you’re more than likely to get a table, which can be a hassle around the busy periods.

That’s all from me, enjoy!

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