Macarons and more at First Pour Adelaide

Earlier this week, I visited the Adelaide branch of First Pour cafes, located in Melbourne Street. Visiting with a friend, walking past my first impressions were of a modern, stylish venue that housed a small number of seating to accommodate its patrons. As it turns out, on the whole I was right.

So there you have it. First Pour is modern and stylish, but has quite a few more seats available than I first envisaged. 

Now that we’ve established you can visit First Pour without fear of having to wait for a table and the like, it’s probably time to start talking about the food and beverages available. 

As I visited in the middle of the afternoon, it was the perfect time to try out something sweet for afternoon tea. In fact, I hadn’t planned on getting anything to eat until I saw the cabinet filled with cakes, muffins, banana bread and macarons. 

As you’ve no doubt guessed by the title (and picture above), I opted for a macaron to accompany my coffee. However, what yo may not be aware of is the variety of flavours First Pour has available. After deliberating for a few minutes, the New York Cheesecake narrowly edged out the salted caramel variety. In the end it was a good decision, as the crunchy outer shell and inner ganache had a genuine cheesecake taste that lived up to the name (which is not always the case in these situations).

Along with my macaron, I chose to have a vanilla chai latte. This type of drink has recently become a favourite of mine when visiting places, as it presents a change from the coffees I would regularly drink. First Pour’s take on a vanilla chai is just as you would expect, lightly sweetened with a delicate but distinct flavour. 

All in all, First Pour is a well presented cafe that offers a number of coffees, sweets and more in a stylish setting. Also, be sure to take a look at all the varieties and types of coffee you can enjoy at First Pour.

Sidenote: On the various types of coffee mentioned above, while visiting, my friend and I noticed some of the intricate brewing techniques used at First Pour. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a good enough angle for a picture from our table.

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