Ginger’s Coffee Studio

Recently, I’ve heard an increasing number of people talking about Ginger’s Coffee Studio, one of the latest café and eateries to open around Adelaide. With that in mind, I finally got around to visiting last week with a friend.

Visiting on a Saturday afternoon, Ginger’s was particularly busy and it was only through sheer luck that my friend and I were able to procure a table. While settling in, it was difficult not to have our attention drawn to all the artwork and trinkets that adorn the walls. These help give the venue character and a particular charm that sets it apart from other places of this ilk.

After being seated, we were quickly asked if we wanted coffees to start with before ordering our meals. I ordered a latte, while my friend opted for herbal tea after asking our waitress what she would recommend. These were brought out to us extremely quickly, and I can safely say the latte was an excellent choice, rich in flavour with a pleasant texture and taste. I am told the tea was also a smart choice, being fragrant and flavoursome.

Ordering our meals took a little while, as Ginger’s has a multitude of options available. These include breakfast dishes, such as the breakfast burger that my friend ordered, a lengthy list of lunch choices and and specials. I am told the breakfast burger, featuring egg, bacon and salad among other ingredients, was worth sampling.

Meanwhile, I selected a steak sandwich (from the specials board), which was served with a side of shoestring fries and made for a fantastic lunch. The steak was thickly cut and wonderfully complemented by the salsa and melted cheese throughout the sandwich.

It is also worth mentioning the dining culture at Ginger’s. This is not a place of fast food, where you sit, pay, eat and leave all within 20 minutes. The food, drinks and atmosphere are to be savoured, which is best done over coffee and in pleasant company.

All in all, Ginger’s was an enjoyable afternoon dining experience. It possesses a fun and friendly atmosphere that allows diners to sit back and enjoy the time spent there. Whether you’re just quickly passing through for a takeaway coffee or stopping to while away an afternoon, Ginger’s is an ideal place to visit.

For more information visit: Ginger’s Coffee Studio

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