…and that’s all for September.

Only today it occurred to me that September is rapidly drawing to a close and I’m yet to publish a proper (or any, for that matter) blog post during the month. So with that said, I thought it best to share a brief overview of what I’ve been up to since I last wrote on here.

The short answer to the question “what have you been doing” is lots of work. Whether it be writing away, working on a number of articles or at my recently-acquired full time job, breaks have been largely few and far between.

In terms of new articles, I’ve added some exciting articles to my WeekendNotes collection. My personal favourites would have to be the latest reviews, of a filmed live performance of Shakespeare’s All’s Well That Ends Well, and Italian film Magnificent Presence (or Magnifica Presenza, in Italian) for the fact they allowed me the opportunity to attend advance screenings and write about films, which I genuinely enjoy doing.

Also, anyone familiar with my WeekendNotes reviews will know I enjoy sharing stories about eateries around Adelaide that will please many a diner. I think my list of Springtime Beverages, which I put together with the warmer weather in mind, will hopefully help anyone looking for a way to cool down or just treat themselves while out and about.

As for the final few days of September, I’ll be spending it away with friends and hope to return with a bunch of new stories to share.

Enjoy your (long) weekend!


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