A little blog post about Veggies

For those who are not aware, I’m a fan of vegetarian dishes as much as the next person (if not perhaps a little more). I think there is often a misconception that they do not constitute “real food” and will not leave you feeling full and satisfied.

However, every vegetarian I know (and many of my non-vegetarian friends) will certainly attest this is not the case. In fact, over the summer months, having dishes that do not weigh you down with heavy meats can be a welcome change to the system.

While this is all well and good, it begs the question of where and how to get the type of delightful vegetarian dishes that will leave you happy with your decision. The task of listing all Adelaide’s vegetarian (or vegan for that matter) eateries is one for another day, I can recommend The King of Sandwich as one example of my favourites around the city.

Also, for those wanting ideas for dishes to make this summer and beyond, I’d recommend taking a look at the Oxfam Shop (in Charles Street Plaza, off Rundle Mall) this Friday 14 December, as chef Simon Bryant will be signing copies of his new book “Veggies” between 11am and 1pm.

If the name Simon Bryant sounds familiar, it is probably because you would have either seen him on television in “The Cook and the Chef”, or dined at the Hilton Adelaide, where he was executive chef for around 10 years.

Furthermore, his new book features a host of vegetarian recipes that focus on ethically sourced, locally produced, fresh and wholesome ingredients. Personally, I think it’s the type of book that would make a great gift this Christmas for friends or family looking to expand their culinary horizons.

That’s all from me, enjoy! 

Image provided courtesy of Oxfam.

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