Bookstore browsing, finding something better than fiction

At the end of last month I took a weeklong trip to Malaysia, filled with fantastic sights, excellent food and of course, the many malls for which Kuala Lumpur is renowned.

While browsing in the Suria KLCC mall I (and the friend I was travelling with) stumbled across Kinokunya bookstore. Upon being informed by my friend that this was one of his favourite bookstores, it was decided we would take a look inside and see what was on offer.

Soon after we walked in, I came to two realisations. The first was that I didn’t visit enough bookstores at home, while the second was that I do not read as much as I’d like. So with that, I decided in the new year I would dive back into the world of reading and literature, with the aim of sharing the experience and hopefully reviewing some fantastic books along the way.

Being realistic, I decided not to set myself too difficult a task for my first foray, opting to purchase a Lonely Planet book titled better than fiction, a collection of travel stories from well known fictions writers from around the world. Featuring short stories and being focused on travel tales I thought it would be an ideal reintroduction to reading. (Also, the thought occurred to me there was something to be said for getting a book about travels while on holiday, but perhaps that’s just me.)

After a week or so of being back home, settling into routine and such, I can happily report the book was a great choice. As each of the stories is standalone, the reader can pick and choose based on author, title or however else they wish and the nature of the tales make each a pleasant read in the least.

It’s also worth noting there is a brief blurb on each author featured, meaning if you like their writing style but do not know much else about them, finding their other works is made that little bit easier. I also find these add an extra touch to the collection and in some way help shape the story about to be told.

I’m yet to finish the book, however at the rate I’m reading it that cannot be too far off. Later this month I aim to have a full review published, so stay tuned.

That’s all for now, enjoy!


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