Onyx Dessert Lounge

Swanky, slick and hip. These are all words that can be used to describe one of the new eatery/bars on the Adelaide scene, Onyx Dessert Lounge. Situated along O’Connell Street in North Adelaide, for many this is the place to be when it comes to decadent cocktails, outlandish desserts and more.

Upon arrival, the first thing I noticed was the sparse furnishing that adorns Onyx. Plush, colourful chairs and stools and small round metallic tables are dotted along the main room, creating an ambience that is more ‘lounge bar’ than ‘dessert eatery’. Most of the tables are suited to groups of four or five, however there are larger ones available if required.

Served on a slate, cappuccino and cake from Onyx

Additionally, the bar features a largely metallic look with subtle yet attention grabbing lights, which help add to the sophisticated atmosphere. In keeping with this theme, the music played ranges from early-mid 2000s pop (which is nowhere near as ill-fitting as it may seem) to seemingly jazz and soul influenced songs. One artist to make numerous appearances was Amy Winehouse, and her music fit the venue perfectly (if that helps shed light on the vibe that Onyx exudes).

The next thing you’ll notice when visiting Onyx are the menus, brought to you on sleek 7 inch tablets, which are divided into specific sections of savoury, sweet, sour and salty. These classifications feature in each of the areas in which Onyx serves food and beverages. 

Now onto the main event: the food and drinks. I opted for a coffee while my friends elected to try cocktails. I enjoyed a smooth blend of coffee served as a cappuccino, alongside which was a bite-sized cake and two lumps of sugar on the side. My coffee was flavoursome without being overly creamy or thick, which made for deliciously light drink.

Additionally, something to take note of at Onyx is the ability to choose from one of three blends of coffee. Each comes with a recommendation of how to serve the beverage, with different blends being suited to different styles. This means fans of a particular blend or style of coffee are more likely to find their ideal beverage at Onyx.

Coffee and cocktails

Meanwhile, the cocktails my friends ordered included the ice cream treacle, apple & rhubarb pie and tiramisu. Each looked amazing, with garnishes including burnt orange peel, apple slices and cherries and grated Belgian chocolate. Also, from what I’m told the taste of each matched their presentation. Furthermore, while my friends and I were there, we saw many desserts being served, and the food appeared to be on par with the coffee and cocktails.

All in all, Onyx presents a unique mix between dessert bar and cocktail lounge that will have patrons happily sipping their cocktail or enjoying a delicious dessert or coffee in the pleasant atmosphere.

That’s all from me, enjoy!

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