The Store on Melbourne Street

Last weekend a few friends and I decided to make the most of the sunshine and (mostly) warm weather, taking a trip to Melbourne Street. This turned out to be a great choice, as we enjoyed an afternoon filled with fantastic food and drinks.

The Store’s Steak Sandwich, filling and flavoursome.

We started with lunch at The Store, on the corner of Melbourne and Jerningham Streets. The Store offers a number of breakfast, lunch and dinner options, making it an ideal spot for a meal during the day or night. Visiting at around 1pm, my friends and I naturally tended toward the lunchtime fare, which includes items such as garlic prawn skewers, a selection of baguettes and a steak sandwich made with Wagyu beef.

Tempted by the sound of the Wagyu beef, seeded mustard, balsamic onions and vine ripened tomatoes, my friends and I all opted for the steak sandwich. Served alongside French fries, the open top sandwich was perfect for the warm yet breezy weather, offering a wealth of flavours to take in.

The serving of steak was generous without being overbearing, leaving us satisfied we were having a hearty meat based dish. The bread base was crisp and flavoursome, adorned with a full flavoured Boursin cheese that added that little something extra to the sandwich.

However, not to be forgotten, the balsamic onion and accompanying salad made the perfect complement for the sandwich. Both managed to cut through the richer flavours and diversified the dish, making it all the more enjoyable.

Continuing the theme of flavoursome food were the French fries. Thinly cut with just the slightest crunch, these were just what a steak sandwich calls for on the side. While a little on the salty side (those who don’t like much salt may want to palm some off to a friend), the shoestring fries were not at all oily or overpowering.*

Additionally, it would be remiss of me not to add the relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The staff were friendly and polite, while the service was quick without being rushed. Also, sitting outdoors at The Store allows you to genuinely relax and enjoy the dining experience, as there is little unwanted background noise.

All in all, The Store (and it’s delicious lunchtime options) is a place I could easily recommend to friends. Thankfully however, judging by their comments, I won’t have to do any convincing.

*Note: Anyone who knows me is aware fries are a weakness of mine and that I’m selective when it comes to those I do and do not like. These certainly fall into the former category.