Afternoon tea at E for Ethel

This post takes up where the previous one left off, namely finding a place to sit back after a delicious meal and enjoy a coffee (or beverage of your choice).

While lunching at The Store, I not-so-subtly hinted to my friends it might be worth our time to take a stroll along Melbourne Street and stop on the way at E for Ethel, as I’d heard a number of good reports. As it so happened, I didn’t have to do a whole lot of convincing and we did end up making the trip to E for Ethel.

The first thing you’ll notice about E for Ethel when arriving is the unique ambience created by the eclectic decor, mix of gifts on sale and friendly staff on hand to serve.

The decor features furniture from decades gone by, which adds character and a charm to the coffee house/gift store. For example, my friends and I sat on a mix of old lounge chairs and modern stools, tucked away in the corner of the store. Contrary to how that may sound, it made for a fantastic experience as it felt like we had the entire space to ourselves.

Not to be forgotten, the drinks (we opted to skip food, given the lunch we had just eaten) were a pleasure to sample. My friends chose from the smoothies list, while I opted for a cinnamon hot chocolate. From all reports, the smoothies were flavoursome with perfect proportions of fruit and yoghurt.

Meanwhile, the cinnamon hot chocolate I ordered was rich and creamy without being sickly to taste. Additionally, the beverage only had a hint of cinnamon, so it did not overpower the chocolate. However that said, this drink is one purely for the sweet-toothed and I’d recommend something a little less extravagant to anyone else.

Furthermore, the gift store side of E for Ethel is worth visiting even without the added bonus of having a drink before or after you browse. Filled with trinkets, decorative gifts and more, E for Ethel has a range that you are unlikely to find anywhere else.

All in all, E for Ethel has a little something for everyone, whether you’re simply after a warm or cold beverage for afternoon tea or a present for a friend or family member. With a warm atmosphere and helpful staff, I’d recommend E for Ethel to anyone who finds themselves in North Adelaide.

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