Zenhouse Vegetarian Yum Cha

If you find yourself out and about in the city of Adelaide, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to eateries.

The Monday lunch special: 
Tofu mock duck with rice and salad

One of my personal favourites, introduced to me by a colleague, is Zenhouse vegetarian yum cha. Tucked away just off Rundle Street, this eatery offers a range of dishes that make for the perfect lunch and might just convince a regular meat-eater to sample something different.

Additionally, one of my favourite things about Zenhouse is their daily lunch special. Each day, a different item from the menu is sold at a special price. On Mondays, the dish is tofu mock duck with steamed rice and salad. This is one of my personal favourites on the menu, with a taste that is sweet without being sickly.

The atmosphere at Zenhouse is relaxed (no pun intended), with music playing in the background just loud enough to set the tone for a great meal, but not loud enough so that holding a conversation becomes difficult.

The Thursday lunch special: Satay sticks with coconut rice

Truth be told, I’m at Zenhouse on a fairly regular basis, with Monday or Thursday being my days of choice due to the lunch specials available. For the record, the Thursday lunch special is coconut rice with your choice of satay sticks or crispy seaweed (I typically choose the former).

Finally, an apology for missing last week’s post! Last week saw me start a language course, and with all the goings-on for my first class I didn’t get a chance to put anything up here.

That’s all from me,

For more information about Zenhouse, visit http://zenhouse.com.au/

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