Light Meals & Snacks at Mamak Corner

I’ve recently started taking a language class in the city, which wouldn’t usually be relevant to my blog, except for the fact it has led to me exploring a little bit more of the Adelaide CBD. In the process of my wanderings I’ve stumbled across a place I had often heard about but never actually visited.

Ayam goreng (Malaysian style fried chicken)

The place I’m talking about is none other than Mamak Corner. Tucked away on Bank Street (between North Terrace and Hindley Street), the venue offers its patrons a number of traditional and traditional-with-a-modern-twist Malaysian food and drinks.

Among the foods on offer are multiple types of roti bread, ranging from plain and savoury to sweet varieties. My personal favourite is the roti cenai, which keeps things simple with plain bread that is served alongside spicy sauces and sugar to add different types of flavour. (Of these, I’d recommend the chilli, the spiciest of the trio, which provides a real kick for the dish.)

Air Limau (an iced lime drink)

Another dish I can recommend is the ayam goreng (Malaysian style fried chicken). It provides an ideal complement to the roti cenai, adding some extra bulk for anyone who is wanting something a little extra with their meal. The chicken is very lightly fried, maintaining a succulent texture while being crisp and flavoursome.

When it comes to drinks, diners are spoilt for choice at Mamak Corner. Since visiting, I’ve tried the air mawar (a rose water flavoured drink) and air limau (a fresh lime juice drink). Both have been light, refreshing and richly flavoured. Of the two, I’d give the air limau a slight edge as it is not quite as sweet as the rose water drink, which is solely for lovers of sweet beverages.

All in all, Mamak Corner offers an inexpensive dining option for anyone looking for light meal in the city. Alternatively, if you know you’ll be around the West end of town, make sure to stop by this spot for a delicious little slice of Malaysian cuisine.

For more information, including opening hours, pay a visit to their Facebook page.

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