While away the day at Leonards Mill

Around one month ago, I had the pleasure of visiting Leonards Mill in Second Valley, just one example of South Australia’s many fantastic restaurants. With a reputation for quality and making use of local produce, I had high hopes for my meal at the eatery.

The fish and chips from Leonards Mill: Not your average take on the dish.

Visiting during the early afternoon, my friends and I opted for a range of lunch dishes suited to the relaxed and rustic atmosphere. As we had just arrived from the beach, I selected the fish and chips from the menu. While this may seem at odds with what you would expect from the typical Leonards Mill dish, the food presented was nothing like the fish and chips you would be used to seeing (for as tasty as most are).

Thick and hearty: The steak dish.

The outer coating of the fish provided a satisfying crunch when being bitten into, while the inside was soft and succulent enough to melt in the mouth, with a full flavour. Paired with this were thickly cut potato chips, a light salad and tartare-style sauce. The chips provided some extra depth, while the salad was refreshing and made for the perfect contrast to the other two main elements of the meal. Additionally, the tartare-style sauce featured a hint of lime, giving the dish a little extra zest.

My friends chose the steak and Caesar salad with chicken dishes. The former was a thick and hearty meal, coupled with roasted vegetables. Patrons have the choice of roasted potatoes or mushroom along with the standard vegetables included. The dish won positive reviews for having meat cooked just the right amount and being a warm, comforting meal.

Furthermore, the Caesar salad was praised for being filling without weighty, and possessing the ideal ratio of all its various elements. Featuring a variety of leafy greens as a base and creamy mayonnaise on the side, the dish certainly looked the picture of perfection when presented.

Picture perfect: The Caesar salad.

As I mentioned previously, the atmosphere at Leonards Mill was quite relaxed. It is the type of venue where you would be best advised to sit back, enjoy the ambience (I prefer the lush outdoor greenery, weather permitting) and settle in. Adding to this, the service was excellent, with staff who were friendly and helpful. I should also note, the staff were well trained and experienced, which can make all the difference when enjoying a meal.

All in all, my time at Leonards Mill proved to be an extremely enjoyable. With a relaxed ambience where you could easily while away an afternoon or evening, the restaurant provided superb food, fantastic service and a quality dining experience.

That’s all from me,

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