Nestled just off The Parade, Milkaholic is an eatery and dessert bar serving up a range of savouries and sweets. I paid them a visit recently, keep reading to see what I thought (and ate!).

I made the trip to catch up with an old friend, and neither of us had eaten at Milkaholic, making it the perfect opportunity to sample some of the food they have on offer. My previous visits had included coffee and milkshake purchases, which left me with high hopes for their daytime menu.

Mini cheeseburgers from Milkaholic: Served alongside spiced fries and bursting with flavour.

My friend and I chose an outside table (yes, this is back when the weather was nice) and poured over the menu. I selected the mini cheeseburgers, which proved too tempting an option.

Served as a pair, the two mini burgers feature an almost sweet taste with the melted cheese, onions and seemingly lightly glazed burger bun combining to add something extra to your burger. This is something I would recommend for a burger aficionado, for want of a better phrase, as it was bursting with flavour and extremely filling.

Frozen hot chocolate:
Rich, chocolatey and delightful for any sweet tooth.

Served alongside are Milkaholic’s spiced fries, which can be a meal in themselves. In fact, this is exactly what my friend ordered – fries. We both found the added flavours they possessed to be an unexpected but welcome surprise. If you are having these alongside a burger, the contrast will sit nicely between the sweet and spiced. Adding to the pleasure of eating this was the dishes presentation, which looked fantastic served in a deep dish.

For drinks, I elected for a frozen hot chocolate while my friend had a banana flavoured drink. My frozen hot chocolate was rich, flavoursome and lived up to its name, icy cold. Served in an on trend glass jar, it helped form a quintessential ‘take-away style’ meal that, while I would only ever dare eat sparingly, was thoroughly enjoyable.

All in all, I would happily recommend a visit to Milkaholic. I’d suggest making sure to look over the whole menu, as they have a lot of options of offer, and certainly more than just burgers and fries (however both of those are very tasty in their own right) if you’re after something a little different.

That’s all from me, enjoy!

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