Seoul Restaurant

Hi there!

Last week a colleague introduced me to Seoul Restaurant, an inner city Korean eatery that serves up a range of fantastic dishes for lunch and dinner. If you can’t already tell, my experience there was a positive one to say the least. As for why, you’ll have to read on!

When visiting Seoul Restaurant, I was impressed on two key fronts, food and service. When both of these are up to a high standard, it creates the setting for a high quality dining experience.

Seoul Restaurant’s spicy pork dish.

I ordered a bento box-style spicy pork dish and my colleague ordered the garlic chicken (served in the same bento-style dish). While I am a fan of Korean style spicy pork in general, this has been my favourite incarnation of the dish to date. Richly flavoured with light spices and served steaming hot, it was my favourite lunch all week.

The garlic chicken my colleague had also looked very appetising. With succulent strips of chicken, heavily flavoured I’m informed, the dish proved to be another winner. In fact, for as much as I enjoyed the spicy pork, the next dish I try from the menu will be the garlic chicken.

Additionally, when ordering a bento-style meal, you don’t just get your main, but also a number of sides are included. Alongside my spicy pork was sweetened tofu slices, kimchi, bean sprouts and miso soup. Each of these made the meal that little bit more enjoyable, adding extra flavours and textures to the dish.

Regarding the service, the staff at Seoul Restaurant were very friendly, polite and helpful. Greeted upon arrival, my colleague and I were served promptly and treated well throughout our visit. It is the kind of service you don’t always receive, and is quite refreshing to see.

In conclusion, Seoul Restaurant is somewhere I’d happily recommend to friends or family. Especially if you’re a fan of Korean food and haven’t tried it yet, pay them a visit.

That’s all from me, enjoy!

Side note: If you’d like more information, take a look at their website here.

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