The Rolling Pin

Lately I’ve been hearing lots of comments from family and friends about a new bakery out in the suburbs, The Rolling Pin. Located to the east of the city, the newly established bakery has been making a name for itself. Interested to find out why, I paid them a visit.

Visiting on a Saturday afternoon, I was greeted at The Rolling Pin with displays the range of savouries and sweets on offer, and less enticing, a short queue of customers.

The Rolling Pin’s chilli steak pie was a delight,
featuring light and layered pastry.

I ordered a chilli steak pie and was tempted enough by the white chocolate and pistachio mousse to give it a try*. The chilli steak pie was filling, hearty and had just enough kick to ensure I knew I’d ordered a chilli pie. What made it, however, was the pastry. Light, layered and crunchy it was a delight to eat.

The white chocolate pistachio mousse was also flavour filled, with a range of textures to tantalise the taste buds. Housed in a crisp shell and filled with a fluffy, creamy mousse, the pistachio flavour ideally complemented the white chocolate taste throughout the dessert. Not too heavy, this is the type of treat that works with The Rolling Pin’s savouries and would equally do well alongside a coffee.

White chocolate and pistachio mousse:
a creation with a range of textures and tastes to tantalise the taste buds.

Something I quite liked about The Rolling Pin was that you could see into the back of the store, where everything was being made. Not only was it interesting (especially for foodie-types) but it created a positive and friendly atmosphere. Also, while the venue itself is small – be prepared to grab your food to go – it is all well laid out and the space is used cleverly.

Overall, I’ve heard this place is one to watch from a number of people – and judging by my experience so far, I think they might be right.

That’s all from me, enjoy!

*Side note: I was always getting some sort of dessert, this narrowly beat a hazelnut and chocolate creation.