The Willunga Farmer’s Market #1

‘Twas a dark and stormy morning…well, not quite, but the weather wasn’t exactly brilliant when I took a trip to the Willunga Farmer’s Market last weekend. While grey skies, passing showers and the odd gust of wind seemed to be the order of the day, my first Farmer’s Market experience was one to be enjoyed.

Toasted bacon and egg roll: I may have been a little cold, but I certainly wasn’t hungry!

The Willunga Farmer’s Market was filled with local and organic produce ranging from fruit and vegetables to jams, breads, olive oils and baked delights – and that doesn’t include the breakfasts available.

On this cold wintery morning, it was hard to go past the Bushman’s Breakfast when choosing what to eat. The options available included a traditional ‘big breakfast’ style meal, with free range eggs, smoked bacon, baked beans, sausage and sourdough bread, and, a toasted egg and bacon roll featuring tomato relish along with a spinach and basil pesto. I chose the latter, and was beyond satisfied with my decision.

Coffees to go: I’m the cappuccino on the left.

The roll itself was nicely toasted while remaining soft on the inside. Additionally, the eggs and bacon (each the same as what was on offer in the big breakfast) were filling and hearty, providing the bulk of the meal. Complementing these smokey flavours were the sweetness of the tomato relish and zest of the pesto. When combined these flavours and textures created a layered, wholesome meal that really did warm me up on a cold morning.

Along with our meal, my fellow Market-goers and I decided coffees were in order to finish off our breakfasts. I went with my standard order of a cappuccino, which was well made, neither too bitter nor milky. (Side note: It had just the right amount of foam, as well.)

All in all, the Markets were a fantastic experience and one I’d recommend to just about everyone I know.

I can’t wait to share with you what I picked up while I was there!

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