Willunga Farmer’s Market #2

Last time I told you about my time at the Willunga Farmer’s Market. Building from that, this post is all about the items I picked up on my visit. (Given I only posted about the Markets recently, I’ll try and keep this short!)

Fresh baked bread: Nothing quite like it, is there?

The morning I visited the Markets, patrons were treated to a number of organic products from a range of vendors. Each had it’s own appeal, whether it was the fresh backed breads and cakes, or locally produced fruits and vegetables all looking delicious.

As it was a cold and brisk day, I gravitated toward the warm baked goods. Specifically, I opted to purchase a pizza base-like bread topped with tomato, and just for good measure, a Portuguese orange cake.

Portuguese orange cake: In a word, delicious. 

The bread made for an ideal lunch, eaten after being warmed in the oven. The toppings added a kick of flavours and lightly textured the bread, which itself was dense and filling. However, if you would like something a little more in a meal, I’d recommend pairing it with a soup or serving it as a starter.

As for the Portuguese orange cake, it was moist, featured a crunchy texture (courtesy of almond pieces) and had a sweet syrupy flavour to offset the citrus. The blending of these tastes and textures created a baked delight that would perfectly compliment a coffee or tea. Some advice with this treat is to cut it into small pieces, as while it is thoroughly enjoyable it does fall slightly on the sweet side.

That’s all from me, enjoy!

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