Burger Theory

With its new (considerably more permanent) home on the corner of Union Street and Ebenezer place, I recently paid a visit to Burger Theory. Read on for my take on one of Adelaide’s popular food trucks turned burger place.

Let’s unwrap some Burger Theory, shall we?

First things first, Burger Theory’s new venue is a picture of up to the minute slickness. With wooden booths for small groups, tables for two and outdoor benches ideal for big groups or those who prefer the sunshine, the decor fits right in to the Burger Theory vibe. One thing, however, despite the various types of seating available, be prepared to share your table or grab your food to takeaway, as this is one popular place for lunch.

Burger Theory’s take on the staple burger
complement, crisp and crunchy fries.
Burger Theory’s No. 1 Burger,
unwrapped and full of flavour.

I’ll be clear, this was my first Burger Theory experience, so I can’t give a comparison of food truck burger to eatery burger. What I can say, however, is that my burger was surprisingly light compared to other burgers I’ve had in the past. I ordered the No. 1 burger with a side of fries – which no burger is complete without, in my opinion, but I digress – and found the salads provided just the right amount of contrast to the Angus beef, cheese and glazed bun.

As for the fries, they were nicely flavoured and not over salted. Crisp and crunchy, these not quite shoestring yet not quite thick cut take on fries was just what the burger needed. Perhaps this is my fries bias shining through, but I was happy to have ordered these alongside my meal. In fact, my main regret was not ordering a thick-shake alongside, as after opting not to, I was (repeatedly) informed about how nice they are. 

All in all, I’ll definitely be giving Burger Theory another visit (or two) to try some of their other offerings. Even if I end up getting the same burger, I still need to try one of those thick-shakes. 

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