St Louis House of Fine Ice Cream & Dessert

St Louis House of Fine Ice Cream & Dessert is one of those frequently discussed places, often heard alongside phrases such as “have you been there yet?” and “they have such great ice cream!” among many others. With all the praise being bandied about, I decided to take a trip (or two) down Gouger Street to taste what they had on offer.

Visit #1:

My first visit to St Louis was a late affair, on a rather brisk (read: mildly freezing) night. Sitting outdoors, my dining buddies and I were lucky enough to have some blankets to warm us up, as we browsed the menu, attempting to select our dessert of choice. While many of us opted for dishes that played down the ice cream element (given the cold), this didn’t detract from the experience.

Ooh La La Cocolat: Chocolate, chocolate
and more chocolate for good measure.

After a long deliberation, I chose the Ooh La La Cocolat (only partially for the name), which features a chocolate brownie, vanilla bean ice cream and finally, a chocolate milkshake just for something different. It was in a word, fantastic. The brownie was rich and chocolatey, with creamy icing that was perfectly complemented by the ice cream. An added bonus was the chocolate sauce served alongside, which hardened when paired with the ice cream and formed a full flavoured milk chocolate.

To finish this all off, the milkshake completed the tasty trifecta on the plate. Again, with its flavours and creamy texture, it provided the ideal finishing point for the dish.

Visit #2:

Fine ice cream indeed: A sweet treat from St Louis.

My second trip to St Louis was during the daytime and on a warm day, so thankfully I could better sample the ice cream. I opted for cookies and cream and chocolate flavours (you may have picked up from the first part of this post that I like chocolate).

Each was equally creamy and delicious. Full flavoured and filling they provided an ideal treat in the afternoon sun. Served with whipped cream and a strawberry, this was a dessert almost as much for the eyes as the taste buds.

My one comment to those wanting to try St Louis would be this, if you’re not a fan of the more decadent side of dessert bars, maybe wait a while before trying this venue. While I found the food a pleasure to eat, it isn’t for everybody and it may be worth working your way to desserts such as these.

With all that said, I’d happily recommend St Louis to anyone who asks, and will hopefully get the chance to visit again and try something new!

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