2013 Extras: Last but not Least

Hi there!

For all my good intentions, I didn’t get the chance to share on here all the various places I visited during the year. With that in mind I decided to put together something a little different, showing a few of my would-be posts. I’ve opted to pick out three of my favourites, hope you like it!

1. Chuck Wagon 175

Chuck Wagon 175: Burgers and more.

I really liked my visit to Chuck Wagon, located on O’Connell Street in North Adelaide. The food was filled with flavour, served up in a way that completely fitted with the look and feel of the venue.

I ordered the Polo Loco, a chicken burger with hot sauce, and it did not disappoint. Spicy, succulent and complemented by slaw it was every bit the burger I was promised when ordering.

2. Big Table

Big Table: Bacon and egg roll, served with rocket and chilli relish.

How did I not know about Big Table? Apparently everyone does, but it was news to me. That said, my visit – along with fellow food bloggers The Smiling Foodie and I Only Eat Desserts – was a great first experience.

I ordered the bacon and egg roll, served with rocket and a chilli relish. It was the chilli relish that drew me to choose the dish, and despite how amazing the other food looked, I was very pleased with my selection.

3. Papa’s Gourmet Hotdogs

Papa’s Gourmet Hotdogs:
Thai chilli chicken with shoe string fries.

I had the chance to try Papa’s Gourmet Hotdogs while at Fork in the Road earlier this year. Am I glad I did? Of course! It was a tough choice, having a plethora of options and having to pick one, but the Thai chilli chicken hotdog with onion, cheese and mustard was ideal for the warm day.

Also, I’m glad I grabbed some of their shoe string fries alongside, as they added that little extra something to the experience. The fries were spiced, providing added taste and flavour. Overall, a winner.

So there you have it – mini-reviews of the places I never got around to writing about. If I visit these places in 2014 (and I hope I do!) I’ll provide fully fledged posts, but for now this will have to suffice.

That’s all from me – for 2013 in fact – so have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Bonus fact: If the photos in this post look different to previous ones, it is because I’ve left them completely unedited – trying something new!

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