Koko Black: Winter Evenings of Chocolate

I’ve had this post in my drafts for a while, and am finally finishing it off to be published! With that said, read on for details about the deliciousness that was Koko Black’s Winter Evening of Chocolate! (The Adelaide session.)

Koko Black’s Mocha Truffle Cocktail

With their Adelaide store situated in the Adelaide Arcade, on the corner of Rundle Mall, Koko Black is a hybrid any sweet lover will adore. Part dessert cafe and part chocolate store, Koko Black has a range of chocolate treats that delight the tastebuds.

The dessert imagining of Koko Black’s 
Chocolate Cherry Royale

The Winter Evenings concept is that a number of Koko Black truffles are recreated as fully fledged desserts and served in a degustation style session. 

Items on the menu for the session that I attended were, the Mocha Truffle Martini (top), Honeycomb Inclusion, Sesame Truffle, Chocolate Cherry Royale (above) and Caramel Walnut Escargot. Needless to say, each tasted amazing, with distinct flavours and textures. 

Everything was presented amazingly, and for me the winner of most well presented dish was the Sesame Truffle (see below). Crafted with a caramel centre and chocolate tahini mousse housed in a chocolate shell it looks as amazing as it tastes. 

The Sesame Truffle imagined as a dessert
 at Koko Black – wonderfully presented

All in all, it was an enjoyable experience and one that I would recommend to anyone wanting to see what a dessert degustation is like. 

That’s all from me, until next time!


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