So I’ve taken up a new hobby…

2015 has seen me take up a new hobby – photography!

In the past I had never really thought of photography, as I had tended to favour words and writing as a creative hobby. However, it was pointed out to me that the two (writing and photography) are not necessarily mutually exclusive. Why not write about the pictures that I take? This was an interesting idea, as I had never considered reversing the formula of ‘find topic, write about topic, then take pictures’.

Another reason I am taking up photography this year is in pursuit of a hobby that is not sedentary. With so many people today leading very sedentary lifestyles, building movement into your day can become pretty important. (But I’ll stop talking about it before this post becomes a lecture.)

So with all that said, the next step is to choose a camera and make a purchase. Luckily I have a few friends who have photography as a hobby, so I’ll be able to ask them in addition to sifting through all the opinions and reviews online.

Until next time,

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