Choosing a camera

In my previous post, I wrote about needing to do my research and choose a camera. Well, I’m happy to report that I’ve checked around and made my purchase!

I’ve opted for a camera designed for novice photographers, people that are transitioning from using point-and-shoot cameras or smartphones (i.e. me) to fully fledged DSLRs. My brand of choice is Nikon, which – so my research tells me – has a good reputation, in particular with cameras geared toward the area of the market that I’m currently in. To be fair, there was not much difference between Nikon, Canon and Pentax, the Nikon came recommended from friends, which gave it a boost.

Also, one of the key features that drew me to the Nikon was the inclusion of a ‘Guide mode’. This is designed for newcomers to learn how to use their camera, and what it is capable of achieving. Of course the Guide mode is only as useful as you want it to be, but surely it can’t hurt to have the extra assistance.

Next up, I’ll be using my new purchase to see what it can do (even with my limited knowledge) and sharing some of the results. Wish me luck!

Until next time,

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