Testing, testing… (round 1)

So far this year, I’ve decided to take up photography (for a few reasons) and purchased a camera. Now, the next step for me is to put my camera through it’s paces!

I decided a park would be a great place to test the camera, so at least if the shots themselves are average the scenery would be great! With this in mind, I called up a friend to join me on my camera-testing expedition.

With the array of greenery and earthy brown cliffs and trails, the scenery provided a fantastic backdrop for pictures, as I had suspected. In general, I kept the setting on auto-mode to see how the pictures would turn out, and am pretty happy with the results. (I’m hoping to share a few more soon – stay tuned!)

I’ve included one of the shots below, complete with a little post-camera editing (I’m also taking this chance to learn how to edit images). Hope you like it, and feel free to weigh in on the comments!

Until next time,

One of the shots taken during the first outdoor camera test.

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