A note for those not confident in sharing their work.

I recently purchased a DSLR camera, and with it was given access to a seminar that teaches buyers how to use the product they have just purchased. While I won’t be writing a post filled with the technical elements of what I learnt, one anecdote told by the instructor stuck in my mind.

We were told about the instructor’s first photography class and the first assignment he and his classmates were given.

The task: The students were given one week to go out, take as many photos as they wanted and print the absolute best image, the one that showcased their abilities.

That seems simple and harmless enough, right? Well it is, but for the fact the image they chose as the absolute best one they could take would be hung on the wall of the classroom for the duration of the year. This proved daunting, as your selection could possibly be a very visible reminder of just how much you have to learn, or a reminder of how much your taste can change in a short amount of time!

The point of this story, for us – and the reason I’m recounting it here – is that when undertaking work like photography, or any other creative endeavour for that matter, you should be confident to share your work. (A worthwhile message, I thought.)

With that, at the end of this entry is the best picture (to date) I’ve taken with this camera. If I can do it – anyone can!

Until next time,

Taken January 2015


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