Photography Class – Week 1

Last week I began an eight week photography course, with the aim of learning as much as I can about how to use my camera. So, how was week one?

In short, it was a great introduction. I’ve already gained one piece of specific knowledge that I was hoping to learn at the class. That is, how to adjust a bunch of extra settings in Manual mode. (I did say one piece of information!)

The focus of the class was to get us away from using auto-mode and comfortable with the fully manual modes that our cameras have. I’m very happy to report that, by the end of the two-hour session, I was able to adjust each of the main settings on my camera to snap a picture with the correct exposure.

After working on this in class, our homework is to continue work on perfecting – or at least, getting the correct – exposure and looking at the depth of field in our pictures. My homework shots are nearly ready, when they are I’ll share a couple! (Given the importance of sharing your work, it’s only fair that I follow my own advice.)

Also, on an unrelated note, in my spare time I put together this review on a restaurant I visited recently. (I didn’t have my proper camera with me at the time – don’t judge the photo quality!)

Until next time,

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