Photography Class – Week 3

Week three of photography class was another interesting one! We covered topics such as metering and did some more work on depth of field.

Our homework this week was to “go out and try whatever we could with our cameras” and come back to class with a list of questions. Well, the “go out” part was somewhat limited given the temperatures we’ve been experiencing in Adelaide these past few weekends (hooray!…[insert moderate degree of sarcasm here]).

Heat aside, I did manage to find some photo-worthy images around the house. Some revolved around using the dining room table and a serving platter with (what I think) is a neat pattern.

Below is one example, I tried to create a centred, minimalist image using the above items and a white wall as a background. (I also added some soft-focus filtering after the fact in an attempt to make it a little more interesting…) It may be awesome, it may be awful, but it’s my favourite of the dozen or so images I was able to get in my camera-capability testing.

Until next time,

Awesome or awful?
(I didn’t have a whole lot to work with!)

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