Photography Class – Week 4

It’s that time again! Week four of photography class taught me a particularly important lesson for any and all camera owners – read on for more!

Always, always make sure that your battery is charged. Otherwise you run the risk of showing up to class, or an amazing photo spot and having your camera shut itself down within all of two minutes.

That aside I was still able to follow the class, only having to sit out the actual picture taking parts. One of the settings we dug into this week was colour spacing. This setting controls the amount of colour tones that can be seen when you take an image. Tip: While there is no right or wrong answer for which setting to use, the Adobe setting has a wider range and is better for images you plan to edit in post-production.

Colour spacing is also a difficult setting to show and share, as the settings on monitors and in photo labs determines if the full range of tones show in shared or printed shots. That said, I decided this week to test out the colour spacing (and a range of other settings) and a snapshot (pun semi-intended) is below. (Unlike last week, I was able to get out and visit a park for some shots!)

Until next time,

With this picture I wanted to test colours and focus areas.

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