Photography Class – Week 5

I’ve officially made it to the second half of my photography class! What did the class learn as we took our first steps on the home stretch? Read on to find out!

Week five was all about the L word. Lighting. This session was very hands-on, as the class spent almost the entire time snapping pictures of our volunteer models with different lighting angles to determine which worked best in different situations.

While I won’t share any pictures from the session – for various reasons – some of the pictures I took last week involved playing with lighting (and exposure in the shot below). As always, feel free to leave (constructive) feedback in the comments.

Also, for anyone wondering why this post is up on a Tuesday and not to my usual schedule, my long weekend was busier than my average weekend and blogging just got away from me. With that said, congratulations to my newlywed cousin, newly 25 year old friend and new home owner friend!

Until next time,

Slightly overexposed with the sun peeking through
the trees.

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