Photography Class – Week 6

With only three weeks to go, this session was focused on flash photography and composition. Read on to find out more!

A large part of our session was focussed on the strength of flashes and testing out their capabilities. Unsurprisingly, those in the class who purchased dedicated flashes were able to generate more light from the flash. (It is important to note though, that standard flashes performed more than admirably and were certainly sufficient.)

In the introduction, I mentioned that the class also covered composition. While this was done in somewhat of a whirlwind, the lessons learnt really stuck with me (much like that of lighting). From the examples that I’ve seen in class so far, it seems that composition is of paramount importance.

Having the right composition essentially means ensuring that the viewers eye ‘falls’ to the intended place when they look at your photo. Depending how you frame your photo, it can make for a stronger image. As with many things, it is worth keeping in mind that much of this is subjective. (In my opinion, one of the key things to remember when taking a photo is to make sure that you as the photographer like it.)

Below I’ve included an example of what I think is one of my well-composed shots. Feel free to leave some (constructive) comments!

Until next time,

My attempt at a well-composed shot.

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