Photography Class – Weeks 7 & 8

Some of you may have noticed the ‘Photography Class’ posts seemed to end before the class did. To fix that, I thought I’d wrap up the series of photography class posts, read on to see how it all finished up!

Week 7:

This week the class covered night photography. As the class took place in the city, we had a number of fantastic backdrops to use. Many of the buildings along North Terrace (e.g. the art gallery and museum) are particularly characteristic and make it easy to take great pictures!

Attempting to get pictures in a dark setting was another challenge, especially when not stabilising the camera on a tripod or base.  I had mixed results, with some pictures getting the exact effects I was hoping for, and others…best not discussed in too much detail!

Week 8:

The final week of class was all about us sharing what we had learnt and tying up some loose ends. We spent the majority of the class looking over the pictures fellow class members had taken during recent trips into the city. For context: prior to week 8, each class member had to attend a 2 hour photography session. (Side note: The session I attended was along the River Torrens and incredible fun – worthy of it’s own post.)

Below is one of my favourite shots from that session. The river, the colours and amazing weather on the day just contributed to a photo I really like!

Until next time,

Early one Sunday morning…

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