Fire and Stone – Traditional Wood Oven Pizza

After a long time between food posts, I’ve dusted off the blog to write about the Fire and Stone pizzeria. Read on for more details!

A little about the place:

I’m slightly embarrassed to confess I only recently learnt about Fire and Stone, despite it having been established in 2008. With a wide range of toppings and a menu complete with delicious desserts, there is something for just about everyone. Toppings include a range of traditional options and a few more modern choices. (As a side note, my favourite – so far – is the Tutti Mangiasti, otherwise know as The Lot, pictured.)

Why I liked it so much:

The Tutti Mangiasti from Fire and Stone

One of my favourite things about Fire and Stone is how they make their pizzas. The traditional wood oven description is an accurate one, which results in crisp bases that are neither too think nor thin. Also worth noting are the toppings – generous and fresh, they add to an already tasty dish.

For those interested, their menu also includes a description of how they make their pizzas, which is a nice bonus for anyone wanting to learn a little more about the process. A word of warning, if you are already hungry, this probably won’t help – at all.

Throw in the mix friendly service and a sleek and modern interior to dine in, and Fire and Stone has a couple of added bonuses for those in search of a good quality pizza. Naturally, take away is available if dining in is not what you’re looking for.

All in all, good food and good service make Fire and Stone a place I can easily recommend!

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