The Market Shed on Holland

The Market Shed on Holland is one of my favourite places to visit – yet until now I haven’t put together a post on this inner-city gem. Read on for a rundown of Holland Street’s bustling market.

The typical Market Shed experience is described as…

Vanilla flavoured ice-cream sandwich
The vanilla flavoured ice-cream
cookie sandwich

My typical Market Shed experience starts with a stroll around the shed. I quickly learnt that making a decision on what to eat or drink before seeing all the options was not wise – there’s always something else to try!

As a repeat visitor, you’ll likely notice a few of the stalls have semi-permanent homes in specific places. This can bring an enjoyable sense of familiarity – and, once you’ve checked out what’s on offer, help you beeline to exactly where you want to go!

What food options do they have?

When it comes to food options, there are nearly too many to list. One item I will list is the cookie ice-cream sandwiches, made by Live A Little, which are exactly as delicious as they sound. Also, what surprised me was how they managed to make the ice-cream soft enough to bite into, without melting in my hands.

In short, whether you like savouries or sweets, you’re well catered for. A range of raw desserts, baked goods, bagels and salads will easily meet your breakfast, brunch or lunch needs.

Find them online

The Market Shed: Facebook

Live A Little: Facebook

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