Pickle in the Middle

I recently visited Pickle in the Middle, read on to hear about my dining experience!

Poached eggs on sourdough with avocado
and hash browns – served with relish

What is it?

To call Pickle in the Middle a vegetarian eatery is not entirely accurate. While all their dishes are certainly vegetarian friendly, there are non-vegetarian additions available for the omnivores among us.

To me, Pickle in the Middle is best described as a vegetarian friendly cafe, where you can get a range of breakfast and lunch dishes, along with a freshly made juice or smoothie. For anyone after a little something extra with breakfast, brunch or lunch, there is also a range of speciality cocktails available.

A little about the place…

When you walk into Pickle in the Middle, you’re greeted by a friendly face who will point you in the direction of a free table. Most of the tables can seat four, with a few larger tables avaialble and bar style seating along the front window.

With bright yellow splashes among the modern decor, the venue has an on-trend look that sure to please.

What did I try?

When I visited Pickle in the Middle, I opted to try the poached eggs on sourdough, which are as standard served with a pickled eggplant relish. The toast is served with a dash of olive oil and the eggs generously seasoned, giving the flavours added punch.

Also, like I mentioned before, a bunch of their dishes have additions upon request. Unsurprisingly, the poached eggs is one of those dishes. I chose to add avocado and hash browns, both of which I can highly recommend. The hash browns in particular were tasty, added some different flavours and rounded out the meal.

I also tried the chai spice smoothie, made with almond cacao butter, banana and soy, which was delicious. (The ideal addition when you’re having a savoury breakfast or brunch!)

Where is it and when is it open?

134 Unley Road, Unley; open 8am – 4pm, 7 days

Find them online

Web | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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