I recently visited Asian street food eatery Sunny’s Shop with friend who was visiting Adelaide. Read on to hear all about it!

What is it?

Sunny’s Shop is best described as a light and bright Asian street food eatery, with a range of dishes that offer a modern take on traditional foods.

The light and bright tag is true not only for the decor, but also the food. Sunny’s Shop offers diners fresh, flavoursome dishes that are sure to please.

A little more about the place…

Bright colours and bold flavours: The lemongrass beef vermicelli salad from Sunny’s Shop

You can dine in or take away at Sunny’s Shop – I can recommend either as the service was friendly and super quick, allowing the time-poor among us to get in and out without waiting too long.

Sunny’s Shop has a focus on light meals and bite-sized options, such as vermicelli and coleslaw salads, rice bowls and cold rolls. Each is available with different meats as the base of the dish.

Seating is mainly outside, but there are a few indoor benches available if the weather isn’t too good. Seats themselves are colourful plastic stools, adding to the overall feel of the venue.

What did I try?

I opted to have the lemongrass beef vermicelli salad, but this only narrowly beat the coleslaw salad version with lemongrass beef. (No prizes for guessing which type of meat I felt like that day.)

Given the option of having chilli and peanuts, I chose to include both. The chilli gave the salad an extra kick, which for me, was just the right amount. Meanwhile the peanuts provided added crunch, perfectly complementing the textures already in the dish.

As for a drink, I kept it simple with an iced tea. It was ideal for the summer weather on the day, adding a little extra refreshment to the meal. Sunny’s also has coconuts on offer, which would have been an equally good choice.

Where is it?

Sunny’s Shop is located at 106b Prospect Road, Prospect.

Find them online:

Web | Facebook | Instagram

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