I recently visited Miss Perez in the Adelaide Hills. Read on to hear about my experience!

Chicken burger from Miss Perez
The crispy chicken burger from Miss Perez

What is it?

Miss Perez Kitchen & Bar is a restaurant offering modern Australian dishes, and as the name would suggest, some Spanish-influenced dishes. Less expected, but equally welcome, is the Samoan influence on their food.

A little more about the place…

Their lunch menu – separate to the drinks menu – includes a cocktail list. Again unexpected, and again welcome. If you choose to dine at Miss Perez, you can expect excellent service, which was both quick and friendly without feeling rushed or forced.

Also worth taking a look at, even if you decide to sit outside (like I did), is the mural of Miss Perez herself on the left side wall. It adds to the already warm and inviting decor.

What did I try?

Resisting the lure of all day breakfast (especially the Preserved Lemon & Avocado Smash) I opted for the Southern Fried Chicken burger. Shown above with the gluten free bun, it was a delicious, flavour filled burger. Notably, the chicken was crispy on the outside without being dry – not always easy to achieve with such a meal.

Served alongside were a basket of french fries. Crisp and tasty, these were the perfect accompaniment for the burger. Also worth adding, neither the fries nor the burger were greasy or oily, which speaks to the quality of the food.

Where is it?

2 Druid Avenue, Stirling, South Australia

Find them online

Web | Facebook | Instagram

Until next time,


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