Interesting Links – February 2017

Hi there, the February batch of interesting links are here – read on for more!

These articles cover career and personal development, listed here with the aim of sharing some tips in dealing with change the workplace, or actively changing your own workplace.

From The Muse: What happens when you stop saying ‘sorry’ at work

Why is it interesting? So many of us (me included) have a tendancy to apologise unnecessarily. What happens if we actively attempt to turn the negiative of a ‘sorry’ into a positive? Worth a read if you’ve ever found yourself saying sorry out of habit.

From Inc.: How to future proof your brain against distractions

Why is it interesting? Anyone with a smartphone knows all about distractions, and how many there are in today’s world. This article shares some information on how we can reduce the impact these have on us.

From The Muse: You don’t need a career path to get ahead

Why is it interesting? So often we get caught up feeling the need to advance our careers, looking ahead to the next step. This article is a reminder that the next step might not always be where we think it is.

Happy reading!

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