Interesting Links – March 2017

The March batch of interesting links are here! With a focus on personal and professional development, these will help you reach your potential in today’s ever-changing workplace environment.


From RescueTime: What is burnout and how can you avoid it?

Why is it interesting: This is not so much why is it interesting as, why is it important. Burnout is surprisingly common and we should all aim to avoid it. This article gives a few tips to help define and overcome burnout.

From Lifehacker: Defining your leadership style

Why is it interesting? Anyone who has tried to figure out their personal leadership style knows there are hundreds (or thousands) of ways to classify leadership styles. This article gives a straightforward look at six leadership styles, and when they will and will not work.

From The Muse: Why pretending to be perfect can hold you back

Why is it interesting? Everyone knows that perfectionism is overrated. To help those of us who can’t always shake the desire to be perfect (…and for the record: hi, my name’s Louis and I’m a perfectionist) – this article sets out three reasons you should rethink perfectionism.

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