Interesting Links – May 2017

We’re nearly halfway through the year – have a read of the May batch of Interesting Links!

Interesting Links - May 2017.png

From Inc: Three ways you’re selling yourself short at work

Why is it interesting? It lists a few ways we might be not living up to our potential in the workplace. The best part is, the solutions to each of the listed areas are easily within reach.

From Fast Company: Want to live and work overseas?

Why is it interesting? Working in a foreign country, either for yourself or as an employee is a dream for lots of people. This article gives you hints about how to get started.

From Fast Company: The future of HR and why startups shouldn’t reject it

Why is it interesting? Telling people you have an interest in HR leads to a range of reactions – including surprise and confusion (and questions such as “why would you want to work in HR?”). This article gives one view on the future of a polarising area in the workplace.

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