Interesting Links – June & July 2017

Hello! We are now officially over halfway through 2017, and the middle of the year is the perfect time to take stock and re-evaluate your goals and how you are (or are not yet…) working towards them. Alternatively, it might be perfect time to recharge. With that in mind, have a read of the June and July Interesting Links!


Personal and Professional

From Inc. Some brilliant career advice from Microsoft’s CEO.

Why it’s interesting: In one sentence, Microsoft’s CEO describes the perfect attitude to have at work. To write any more would spoil the surprise.

From Lifehacker 5 steps to achieving your goals in your spare time.

Why it’s interesting: A short and sweet article outlining five ways you can work towards your goals in your down time. With simple steps you can take, it is a nice reminder for anyone needing to rework their habits in the middle of the year.

From Fast Company Why argue with sweet science? Chocolate is good for your brain.

Why it’s interesting: This is more fun than interesting, but given I’ve added an extra link below, thought it was the ideal time to include a lighter article in the list. A must read for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Bonus Link: From Inc. For Millennials, checking in (to work) while on holiday is a good thing.

Why it’s interesting: Conventional wisdom is that holidays should not involve any work – at all. The study referenced here challenges the notion, and will make anyone with the habit of checking emails while on holiday feel a little bit better about doing so.

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