Interesting Links – August & September 2017

Hello! This instalment of Interesting Links are a mix of posts looking at communication styles, empowering younger workers to build their leadership skills and getting more of the important items on your to-do list done.

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From Inc. Elon Musk detailing what good communication looks like.

Why it’s interesting: If you’ve ever wondered how a company like Tesla works, this is the quick read for you. It demonstrates how someone like Elon Musk wants teams to communicate.

From Deloitte Getting your millennials on Board.

Why it’s interesting: Finding an article about millennials in the workplace is easy, but finding one that suggests organisations should set up shadow Boards for them is less common. An interesting concept that can allow for succession planning in organisations.

From Fast Company Structuring your to-do list for procrastination.

Why it’s interesting: The idea of organising your to-do list to not only account for, but encourage, procrastination was completely new to me. However, given that we’re all prone to procrastinating, it might be one worth trying out.

Bonus link: from The Muse Find your Zone of Genius.

Why it’s interesting: One Muse reader asked for help finding a job they truly enjoy, facing the all too common problem of only having roles that aren’t a good fit. The advice given here can help anyone wanting to make their next move, but is a little unsure about how to go about it.

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