Interesting Links – October 2017

Hello! Can you believe we’re already in October, with the end of 2017 fast approaching? Ready for October (or the second half of it at least), the latest batch of interesting links are below.

Personal & Professional Development - image

From The Muse: How to bounce back after being passed over for a promotion.

Why it’s interesting: At one stage or another, almost everyone misses out on a promotion at work. If that’s happened to you in 2017 (or earlier), this article steps out how you can make lemonade from lemons, as the saying goes.

From Inc. Google learned how to build successful teams.

Why it’s interesting: Anyone who has been involved in recruiting, or managing, a team will want to read this article. It lists five key areas Google found were necessary when creating teams (…and if you’re wondering, filling them with all the most qualified candidates was not the answer!).

From Buffer How learning sabbaticals can help staff learn new skills.

Why it’s interesting: Buffer is an innovative company, and their take on learning sabbaticals is nothing different. Understanding how they use learning sabbaticals to develop staff and build a cross-skilled team is fascinating, and a great read for any training and development practitioners.

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