3 Ways To Help Get Your Hiring Right

Hiring new team members is of paramount importance to any organisation, and every team in the workplace. Without this, you risk losing out on the best talent, and the person who can bring the most to your team. In this Better at Work Series post, read on for some strategies to get your hiring right.

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Have an expert undertake hiring coordination

Having a recruitment expert anchor all your panels is, in many ways, ideal. You know there are a safe pair of hands you can leave the coordination to, you have a trustworthy go-to person.

Using the expertise of a talented recruiter will help you get the best, most suitable talent for your team. And isn’t that what everyone wants?

One thing to consider, though, is rotating the chair of hiring panels from time to time. By doing this you are more likely to ensure diverse ideas and ways of thinking across new hires. This can lead to more innovation in your team, and is seen as a competitive advantage in many places. Also, it could spare your expert from hiring fatigue – something they might welcome!

Establish diverse panels

The next step from using an expert, and occasionally rotating hiring coordination, is establishing panels with a diverse range of panellists. This will help ensure your hiring expert is assisted by a wide range of your value-adding team members.

Meanwhile, giving your value-adding team members the chance to contribute to the workplace culture through new hires can benefit the whole team, as they find talented and like-minded people to join your team. (Remember, in most cases we hire people like ourselves without even realising it!)

Know the social landscape in your workplace

When you’re gathering members for a hiring panel, it’s important to not just put three or four members of the same team, or regular lunch buddies together. Not only are these groups are likely to think in the same way, any hiring decision that panel makes could be clouded by perceptions of favouritism.

If the panel is made up of like-minded individuals, or a group with a pre-defined social hierarchy, who among the panellists will question one another’s decisions or thoughts? If members of the panel need to explain their rationale in hiring discussions, it can lead to better thought out hiring decisions.

This has been the first of the Better at Work series, a collection of posts aimed at making life better in the workplace. Let me know what you think!

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