3 Ways To Rebound From A Bad Week At Work

Hello! The Better at Work series is back, this time looking at how you can bounce back when you haven’t had the best time at work.

3 Ways to bounce back at work image

Don’t let the bad week be your only focus

This seems obvious, but often a bad week can take up all of your focus and energy. It shouldn’t, and although it’s difficult, making a deliberate effort to avoid letting it occupy your thoughts can be a huge help.

Wherever possible, put the focus back into your actual work, and not the things going on at work. By doing this, not only will you demonstrate your professionalism and resilience, but you’ll also stop yourself from dwelling on any issues.

Talk it out

Talking about what is going on is another incredibly good way of rebounding from a bad week at work. Find a trusted colleague, friend or family member who you know will listen and understand.

Problems often seem worse in our imaginations than what they actually are. By talking about it, you might find your week wasn’t as bad as you first thought.

Also, the person you’re talking to might have a few good ideas of their own to share. Remember, everyone has a bad week at one time or another, so lots of us have strategies to bounce back!

De-stress outside of work

This is probably the most important one. Yes, work is important and should be treated accordingly. That being said, everyone needs to balance their time, thoughts and energy with both work and non-work activities.

Particularly after a bad week, make time to do something fun. This can be going for a walk through a park, watching one of your favourite movies, or catching up with some friends.

This can help put everything into perspective, and remind you that a bad week at work isn’t the end of the world.

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