The Art of Asking the Right Question

There is an art to asking the right question (at the right time) and questioning the status quo. When questions are asked, it can spark new ideas and bring about positive change. Read the latest post in the Better At Work Series for more.

There’s a reason the expression “that’s just how we do things here” is looked upon unfavourably- mostly because it signals a process or procedure needs to be updated, but there’s resistance to change.

Overcoming this can be extremely difficult, especially when the people enacting, or tasked with reviewing, these processes and procedures have been doing so for a while and are unaware of the potential benefits changes can bring.

However, this isn’t to say that enacting change and making improvements is impossible. In these cases, the key is asking questions to influence the decision makers into changing their own minds.

How can I do this, you ask?

The answer is simple – make them think of their least favourite parts of the process or procedure. 

The key is to draw their attention to the need for change, and guide them to possible solutions without actually giving them the solution yourself.

One of the best ways to do this is ask questions, and get your colleague thinking about their work and how to improve it. By making them draw their own conclusions, they are more likely to be invested in seeing change take place.

It’s worth noting, while this can be a useful technique it is not foolproof. Surprisingly often you will encounter resistance to change, no matter what positive effects it can bring.

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