Three Strategies To Help You Work Towards Your Goals

If you’ve read my latest blog post chances are you have set yourself some work-related goals for the new year. This post looks at a few more ways to help you stick with your goals throughout the year.

Working towards your 2020 goals

Find an accountability buddy

Making yourself accountable can be a huge help when working towards your goals. It’s the equivalent of a deadline at work. When you have no other option but to finish something because the presentation is due the next day, you finish it.

The same applies to your goals. Having someone to motivate you, and (let’s be honest) keep you in check when you feel like quitting, is an incredible help. If you tell someone what you would like to achieve professionally, they can help check in with you now and then (or more frequently if you would like) and keep you motivated on working towards your goals.

Make time and space (literally) for your goals

One sure way to not achieve your goals is to set them and then forget all about them. What does this look like in practice?

Well, it could look like this: Your goal is to build your copywriting skills, so you can move from a customer care role into a communications focused role. But rather than making time to practice your copywriting, you don’t make any changes to your schedule – instead trying to find the time among the list of other things you need to do.

A way to actively work towards that type of goal is to actively block out time in your week to write, or take a related professional development course. Also, to accompany this, make a physical space to work on your writing.

Now for that example you might be thinking that not everyone has the luxury of setting aside a room for their writing. It doesn’t need to be a whole room, or even a permanent spot. It could be clearing the kitchen table, instead setting it up with a few desk-type items to make you feel like you’re in a study.

Track your progress, and celebrate your wins along the way

Something people are generally not good at is celebrating the wins along the way to their goal. While we’re often good at the opposite – that is, being tough on ourselves when we don’t achieve what we had hoped in a set timeframe – we often take it for granted when we do.

The next time you achieve what you had hoped on your way to a bigger goal, instead of thinking “that’s good, but I need to make sure I keep it up”, consider telling yourself “I should be proud of myself and use this to motivate myself to keep going”.

Remember, celebrating what you’ve achieved so far will not stop you from continuing on your way!

Until next time,