How to know if your job suits you

Am I in the right role? That’s a question lots of people ask themselves at various stages of their career. The answer will be different for everyone, and this post looks at a few questions you can ask yourself to help figure out the answer. With all that said, what signs can you look for?

How to know if your job suits you

How long does your workday feel?

One clear sign that your job suits you is that time passes quickly. When you’re working in a role, or sector, that you value – time will move more quickly when you’re at work. It’s when you find yourself checking the time every five minutes, and time is dragging out that it probably means you are in a role that is not for you. 

Why is this? When we’re engaged and happy at work it feels like time goes quickly. So yes, there really is something to the old saying time flies when you’re having fun. Someone unhappy working seven hours will have a longer day than someone else working nine hours in a role they love.

You have a great day, and still want out

Another sign that you’re not in the right role is when you have a good day, it doesn’t change your feelings towards work. Most people, at one time or another, are tempted to quit on the bad days, that’s just human nature (and not a sign you should actually quit). 

It’s when you have a good day, and still feel unfulfilled or drained – that is a clear sign that you’re not in the right role, or organisation, for you. 

It doesn’t match your values

Consider this example for a moment: you are working in a well-paying role, where you are confident within your responsibilities, and work in a nicely appointed workspace. But despite all that, something just isn’t quite right. Despite the perks, your hours are long, as is your commute, and there is a culture within the organisation that rewards those who do not practice a good work and life balance. 

It could be the long hours that keep you from spending time with family or friends, the lengthy commute that adds hours to your workday, or you feel chained to your phone all weekend despite needing some mental space from work. 

In this example you place more value on your time, and less on the comforts of the workplace, or being comfortable with your responsibilities in the workplace. There is no right or wrong answer for what you should value at work – that’s for you to decide – but figuring out what you value, and finding a role that helps you achieve it, can improve your work life.

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