Interesting Links – November 2017

Hello, welcome to another instalment of Interesting Links! This month sees us looking at how to enable teamwork, boost energy levels in the workplace and how setting aside as little as 15 minutes per day for personal development can be effective.

Personal and professional development image

From Culture Amp What can organisations do to enable teamwork?

Why it’s interesting: Teamwork is increasingly important in the modern workplace, and many organisations recognise their staff need the ability to collaborate on projects in order to succeed. This article outlines how organisations can promote teamwork and reap the benefits of empowered groups of people.

From The Muse How to feel more energetic at work

Why it’s interesting: So often we think that the best thing to do with spare five minutes at work is to fit in another task, or quickly check our emails.. This article outlines why they might not be the best options and what to do instead.

From Thrive Global The benefits of scheduling 15 minutes of personal development time in your day

Why it’s interesting: Unlike many articles talking about the importance of learning and taking time for our own personal development, it highlights how self-improvement can be a positive cycle. Essentially, the more we improve ourselves the easier we make it to keep improving ourselves.

Want more Interesting Links? The October links can be found here!

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